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October 12, 2018

What to wear, Santa and Holiday inspiration! Austin newborn photographer, Austin family photographer, Austin photographer

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Clause is coming to the RDP studio in a few weeks, so I wanted to give some inspiration for what to wear (for your little ones=)

Whether you have a session with me (There are a couple Santa sessions left HERE), or another photographer, OR just looking for some holiday inspiration, hopefully this will help!

First up – Pajamas! These are always a fun option and most of you are going to purchase jammies anyways for your little one, and jammies with Santa are always super cute! Remember, Santa brings A LOT of red, so I highly recommend selecting jammies or clothes that maybe have red accents. We don’t want to compete or clash with the big guy! =)

From top left going down – 1 – petite plume, they offer multiple color options , 2- the orange iris on etsy, 3- Jane and jo

Middle – 1 – Burts bees  2- Zara

Right – 1 and 2 the orange iris, 3 –  OLOdesigns

Girls dressy options

From left top to bottom – 1 – little boats – 2 Nordstrom, Middle 1- Joymarie , 2- Zara, Right – 1- Zara, 2- Target

Boys – casual dress

From left top to bottom 1- Crazy8, 2 and 3 – Zara, Middle – Top and bottom from Target, Right – 1- Target, middle and bottom Zara

And one more girls dressy style board=)

From left top to bottom – 1- Joymarie 2 – Carters Middle top – Blair Monroe – bottom- Zara, Right top – Joymarie, bottom Nordstrom.

Remember, neutrals with red accents are definitely a great choice! If you choose something with a pattern, try to choose something subtle. We want to capture the emotion of your child meeting and talking with Santa, and not let clothing take away or distract from that! Happy shopping!

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