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February 8, 2019

Fresh 48 Session ~ Austin Newborn Photographer

Looking for a Fresh 48 session in Austin? There’s nothing sweeter than a fresh baby. Am I right? When I am asked if I am open and available for one, I definitely like to be up for the challenge. When I say challenge, there are many actually. First off the scheduling can be tricky, and the lighting in hospitals can be so iffy. As perfect as I wish for the photos to be, there are just SO many unknowns. But, It’s good to challenge yourself, and do something out of your comfort zone, right? That’s how you grow!  To me, photos just don’t do a session like this justice. A video really tells the story, and captures the pure freshness of a new baby, the skin, the movement the yawns, like no other. Welcome, Natalie Ann Bruce…


fresh 48 session in Austin, TX. Baby girl one day old in hospital.

Austin Fresh 48 session

Austin Fresh 48 session

Austin Fresh 48 session

Austin Fresh 48 session

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A “Fresh 48” session is a type of photography session typically done within the first 48 hours after a baby is born. It’s a wonderful way to capture those precious moments when the baby is brand new and the family is experiencing the early stages of bonding. These sessions usually take place in the hospital or at home and focus on capturing the baby’s first moments, the interactions with family members, and the tiny details that make those early days so special. The photographer aims to document the natural, unposed moments rather than staged portraits, giving a genuine and authentic representation of the baby’s first hours of life.

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