July 9, 2019

My Studio Space ~ Before ~ Austin Newborn Photographer

Well, what better way to celebrate being in my own newborn studio space for a year than sharing a little before and after of how the RDP studio came to life! Many of you know I had a home studio space for about a year and a half. After seeing how much my maternity, newborn and baby photography business had grown as the result of using my home space, I had the itch to start looking for a brick and mortar studio space. I honestly thought it probably wouldn’t happen. I knew I wanted and needed it to be close to home, a certain size, functional, within the budget, and most importantly for me, it had to have amazing light. I knew it would very likely take me a while to find the perfect space, if it was even out there. So, last summer I decided to start looking, seeing what was out there and if this was even going to be an attainable dream. I called a few places and knew right away from price they were a big no. Called a few others and they seemed reasonable. Then I called a space without even seeing exactly what they had available, and was told they had a three room suite with a private bathroom, and I thought to myself, that sounds nice. So I went to look, and long story short, the minute I walked in and saw the front room I knew it was IT! When you know you know. I knew we needed to do a little work such as paint, but the landlord granted his permission to do whatever we wanted, and the rest is history.

This is the before. Pictured as I saw it when I went to first look. I knew with three windows on one side and one on another side, the position of the building, and being on the second story, this space had abundant light!!!!

Since we received the OK to paint, next up was choosing the right paint color…

Then it was time to paint, I was originally going to just paint the room I would use for shooting, but knew it would just be best to do it all! So we did!

We hired a painter and after he was done, it was time to make the studio space a “home.” (Some of my little clients ask me if I live there and it’s SO cute! It’s my happy place to escape that’s for sure! I was sure thankful for a handy husband, more than patient children and the extra time my landlord gave me to get all set up!

Paint, curtains, furniture with storage (because there are no closets, so I had to be intentional and creative with everything), a new bed and flooring, this space was coming to life!

Almost done! Stay tuned for the after!!!

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